Episode 32 – Peter Falconio

Today’s episode is a request by a listener because she doubts the guilt of the man that was accused and convicted of the murder, and she is just one of many that have the same view. So, we are going to cover the case and delve into the rights and wrongs of the investigation and ask the question of is the real perpetrator behind bars.

This is a case of a British tourist who disappeared in a remote area in the Northern Territory of Australia in July, 2001. His body, to this day has never been found.

This is the case of 28-year-old Peter Falconio, and the conviction of Bradley Murdoch for his murder.

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Episode 31 – Harold Shipman – Dr Death

Today’s case is another Bonus Episode, where we travel to England.

We are going to delve into the life and the actions of a man that should have been and was regarded as someone that had taken the Hippocratic Oath in which they swear to do no harm. Yes, this is about a Medical Doctor, more importantly a GP.

This quiet local doctor in the village of Hyde spent years not caring as is expected of doctors, but in killing his patients. Quietly and with great care not to be detected, this Doctor murdered his patients, he was found guilty of 15 murders, but there is much evidence that the number of deaths was much higher. And when I say much higher I mean MUCH higher with 270 deaths, under his care that are deemed suspicious.

This is the case of Harold Shipman or as some of the media has named him, Dr Death.

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Episode 30 – Frankston Serial Killer

This case is a little different in that it has a big twist to it. And all true crime enthusiasts love a good twist in a case, and today we give you one.

The media has named this case the Frankston Serial Killer as the crimes occurred in and around the suburb of Frankston in Melbourne Victoria. And now to the twist, during imprisonment Paul Denyer the perpetrator, began to identify as a transgender woman and began to be known as Paula Denyer. Although she was refused permission by prison authorities to wear makeup, receive sex reassignment surgery or legally change her name.

As Paul Denyer he was sentenced to life imprisonment with a non-parole period of 30 years for the murders of 3 women aged 17, 18 and 22 who were violently stabbed and slashed to death and another 41-year-old woman was violently assaulted and considered herself lucky to escape with her life.

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Episode 29 – Crawford Family Murders

Today’s episode is of the case of a man that, as evidence shows, may have got away with murder.

But not just A murder but of his whole family.

He murdered his pregnant wife and their 3 children and tried to stage the murders as a murder suicide by the hands of his wife by attempting to push the car over a cliff.

But his plan backfired, and he went on the run and has not been sighted for nearly 49 years.

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Episode 28 – Glenys Heyward

Today’s case is in South Australia, not far from the Victorian Border in the town of Mount Gambier.

A loving mother is lured to her death by her own son, tortured and killed by her partner, and her body dumped with the help of another of her son’s.

This woman’s life, up to the moment she was killed, was filled with violence, greed and control from her partner, and when she finally said enough was enough she was brutally murdered.

This is the tragic case of the murder of Glenys Heyward by her partner Neil Heyward and her son’s Matthew and Thomas.

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Episode 27 – Aaron Sweetman

This episode is not the case of a serial killer but the making of one, the beginning of what could have been the story of a female serial killer in Australia.

In this case a young woman who for years had dreamed of committing murder and become an infamous serial killer.  She befriends another woman to help bring her dreams to realization.

And as always, there is a victim, and in this case an 18-year-old young man who was impressionable and diagnosed with Asperger’s who was lured into the home of a murderer.

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Episode 26 – ***BONUS EPISODE*** – Daniel Bartlam


In this bonus episode we travel to England where we delve into the murder of a mother at the hands of her own son.

This is not just a crime of anger, nor of greed, for this young boy planned this murder for a long time after watching a few episodes of the British soap opera, Coronation Street in which there was a story line of a man that murders someone with a hammer, and to cover up the crime they burn down the building in which the murder occurred. For this, the crime is often referred to as the Coronation Street Killer.

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Episode 25 – Richard Dorrough

In this episode we will question if this case is indeed a true serial killer case.

So many twists and turns and yet unanswered questions for the families of victims. For this perpetrator took his own life leaving little clues in to whom his victims where. He went unpunished for at least two of his murders although was the prime suspect for both women’s deaths.

If his confession he wrote before his death is truthful, then there is at least one more victim that police are still trying to investigate and find.

And if his confession is indeed truthful, then Richard Dorrough joins the infamous listing as one of Australia’s many serial killers.

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Episode 24 – Susan Neill Fraser

In this episode we will discuss the disappearance and presumed murder of Bob Chappell in which he went missing on Australia Day, 26th of January 2006 from his luxury Yacht the Four Winds that was moored in Sandy Bay, Hobart, Tasmania.

His partner of 20 years, Susan Neill-Fraser was arrested and convicted of his murder and is at this time serving a 23-year sentence in Risdon Women’s prison in Hobart, Tasmania.

Please listen to the end to get the update to this case.

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Episode 23 – Rachelle Yeo

Today’s episode is of the murder of Rachelle Yeo who was stalked, beaten and stabbed to death by her ex-lover Paul Mulvihill.

This is a case of “If I can’t have you then no one can” where a well-known married sports star has an affair with a young woman whom he met at his work place, and when she ended the affair, he stalked her and then took her life.

This is a twist on Domestic Violence where a man that is always in control, and controlling, loses his hold, and a young beautiful woman paid the price with her life.


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