Episode 19 – The Sharpe Family Murders

In today’s case we will discuss the 2004 murders of Anna Sharpe and her 20-month-old daughter Gracie, who were killed by Anna’s husband John, by repeatedly firing a spear gun into their heads until they were dead.

He also dismembered his wife’s body, with a chain saw, and then disposed of her body and that of his daughter in land fill.  Anna Sharpe, at the time of her murder was 4 months pregnant.

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Episode 18 – Beaumont Children

This case of the Beaumont Children is often called the case that took the innocence of Australia and remains one of Australia’s most infamous cold cases.

Jane, 9, Arnna 7 and 4-year-old Grant waved goodbye to their mother on Australia Day 1966 as they journeyed to the local beach and never returned home again.

In this episode we discuss the day of their disappearance, the investigation and the suspects of the case.

For over 5 decades this mystery has cast a dark shadow over Australia.


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Episode 17 – Bega Schoolgirl Murders

In this episode we will tell of the case of the Bega Schoolgirl Murders.

On October 6th 1997, two young  schoolgirls were abducted near Bega in New South Wales, sexually assaulted many times until they were brutally murdered and dumped in rural Victoria.

The perpetrators were two men, who were at the time of these murders, on bail for a previous brutal sexual attack on a 19-year-old woman.

We will also delve into the intense investigation that bought these perpetrators to justice.

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