Episode 31 – Harold Shipman – Dr Death

Today’s case is another Bonus Episode, where we travel to England.

We are going to delve into the life and the actions of a man that should have been and was regarded as someone that had taken the Hippocratic Oath in which they swear to do no harm. Yes, this is about a Medical Doctor, more importantly a GP.

This quiet local doctor in the village of Hyde spent years not caring as is expected of doctors, but in killing his patients. Quietly and with great care not to be detected, this Doctor murdered his patients, he was found guilty of 15 murders, but there is much evidence that the number of deaths was much higher. And when I say much higher I mean MUCH higher with 270 deaths, under his care that are deemed suspicious.

This is the case of Harold Shipman or as some of the media has named him, Dr Death.

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Episode 30 – Frankston Serial Killer

This case is a little different in that it has a big twist to it. And all true crime enthusiasts love a good twist in a case, and today we give you one.

The media has named this case the Frankston Serial Killer as the crimes occurred in and around the suburb of Frankston in Melbourne Victoria. And now to the twist, during imprisonment Paul Denyer the perpetrator, began to identify as a transgender woman and began to be known as Paula Denyer. Although she was refused permission by prison authorities to wear makeup, receive sex reassignment surgery or legally change her name.

As Paul Denyer he was sentenced to life imprisonment with a non-parole period of 30 years for the murders of 3 women aged 17, 18 and 22 who were violently stabbed and slashed to death and another 41-year-old woman was violently assaulted and considered herself lucky to escape with her life.

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