Episode 33 – Richard Leonard

This is an interesting case, in that two murders differ with two entirely different methods of murder that were eventually tracked down to one perpetrator.

In late 1994 the Northern Beaches of NSW was rocked by two grisly murders, but it took months before the two crimes were linked and a year before chargers were laid.

This is the case of the horrific murders of Stephen Dempsey and Eddy Bahmad at the hands of Richard Leonard.

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Episode 32 – Peter Falconio

Today’s episode is a request by a listener because she doubts the guilt of the man that was accused and convicted of the murder, and she is just one of many that have the same view. So, we are going to cover the case and delve into the rights and wrongs of the investigation and ask the question of is the real perpetrator behind bars.

This is a case of a British tourist who disappeared in a remote area in the Northern Territory of Australia in July, 2001. His body, to this day has never been found.

This is the case of 28-year-old Peter Falconio, and the conviction of Bradley Murdoch for his murder.

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