All about your hosts and podcast

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to True Crime Down Under a podcast of true crime, not only in Australia but to give the listeners an Australian prospective of true crime.  We will firstly deal with crimes that have occurred within Australia then start to delve into international true crime that interest us, and give it an ‘Australian spin’ and our own prospective of the crimes.

My name is Bronnie Sprick and I am the creator of these podcasts, I do the research and develop the podcasts to publication.  Along this journey I hope to have guest presenters assist in telling of the stories. At present my good friend Loraine House is joining me on this journey of presenting the cases for your pleasure.

How did this podcast come to be?  Well, on many occasions, over a cup of tea, Loraine would listen to me speak of true crimes that have fascinated me with great interest.  Then my passion for this topic caused me to start thinking about sharing these stories with others, hence the idea of a true crime podcast.  Loraine agreed to be my ‘partner in crime’ and assist with the recordings.  Since this idea started over a few cups of tea, we were thinking of naming the podcast “Two ladies, crime and a cup of tea” but decided to be more professional and hence the name “True Crime Down Under” came to be. But we still do our recordings with our cups of tea!!

Let’s meet the hosts:

So who is Bronnie Sprick you ask? 

My background is in Psychology and Criminology and over the last few years I have been privileged to teach a Mental Health Issues topics at tertiary level.  I have a true healthy fascination with murder and crime and try to work out the psyche of the criminal mind.  I often begin the research to each case with the questions, “Why did this person commit this crime”, “What goes through someone’s mind when the crime occurs?”, “What makes a murderer?”.   I am sure many of you have these same questions, hence, you are listening to our podcasts.

A little bit about Loraine:-

Hello listeners, allow me to introduce myself;  my name is Loraine and I’m originally from London,  more specifically East London,  yes a true Cockney. My interest in crime came about from my own upbringing.  The environment where I was raised exposed me to many criminals and the experience of losing a family member to an horrific murder in 1986. I’ve witnessed the subsequent effects of the loss of a husband,  father,  son,  brother, uncle and grandfather. Effects that still continue to this day.

I hope the cases we bring provide insight and in some cases dispel preconceived ideas.


So we hope you enjoy the podcasts we have done for you.  We hope to have a new episode each fortnight for your enjoyment.  Please leave comments, it’s good to hear from you.  We also have a Facebook fans page, so please join our group and let us hear if you have any cases you want to hear about.