Episode 10 – Greenough Family Massacre

This case has been described as the most horrific in Western Australian history and could be described as one of the worst family massacre’s in Australian history.

A young mother, Karen, and her three children, Daniel, 16, Amara 7 and Katrina 5, were murdered by an axe welding monster, William Patrick Mitchell on February 21st, 1993.

But what is most disturbing, are the horrifying actions of what occurred post mortem that is met with disgust still today.  In fact, many of the details have a court order that they are never to be released to the public because of the horrific actions performed on the bodies, pre and post mortem.

We must warn listeners that the content of this podcast is extremely disturbing, and we advise caution to some listeners.

Karen McKenzie

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Daniel McKenzie – aged 16

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Amara and Katrina

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The McKenzie Family

The isolated Farm house – crime scene

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William Patrick Mitchell


Mitchell with investigator viewing the axe

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