Episode 12 – Tiahleigh Palmer

This is the case of the disturbing murder and cover up of 12-year-old Tiahleigh Palmer that occurred in October 2015.

Tiahleigh was, at the time of her murder, in foster care with the Thorburn family on their isolated rural property near Brisbane.

Instead of being placed. in what to the outside world was a perfect foster family, Tiahleigh was thrust into a house of horrors. She was sexually abused by the family’s teenage son and then murdered by her foster father.
This case tells of lies, control and cover up by the family and the loss of an innocent 12-year-old girl.


Tiahleigh Palmer – 12 years-old


Tiahleigh’s mother – Cindy Palmer



Rick Thornburn at time of arrest                                     Julene Thornburn


Trent Thornburn


Thornburn Isolated property where the murder occurred

Daily Mail

The search for Tiahleigh

Courier Mail

Rick Thornburn, carrying Tiahleigh’s Coffin at her funeral

The News