Episode 14 – Zahra Baker

In this episode we tell the very sad story of a little Australian girl, 10-year-old Zahra Baker, and how a callous woman who was supposed to protect her, murdered her, dismembered her body and scattered the body parts.

We will travel from Wagga Wagga in Australia where Zahra was born, to North Carolina in America, where she was murdered.

This story is full of lies and deceptions, but in the end, justice was server for little Zahra.  Or was it?



10-year-old Zarah Baker

Daily Mail



Eliza Baker – Step Mother                                                Adam Baker – Zahra’s father

NBC News                                                                            Daily mail



Emily Dietrch – Zahra’s biological mother                    The house where Zahra was murdered

Daily Advertiser                                                                   The Australian


Search crews comb through a field off Winkler Way in Caldwell County looking for skeletal remains that  related to the Zahra Baker case.