Episode 16 – Rowe Family Murders

This episode is that of the murder of a family of 3 in a small country town in South Australia.

The Rowe Family, Andrew, Rose and their 16 year-old daughter Chantelle were each stabbed up to 50 times by a 20 year-old youth, Jason Downie, in their home in Kapunda in 2010.

Was this a case of passion, or obsession?



Andrew & Rose Rowe and Daughter Chantelle                                 Christopher Rowe – son and brother

Daily Mail                                                                                                   The Advertiser



Rowe Family Home                                                                                  Rowe home, crime scene



Jason Downie                                                                                          Downie day after murders at memorial

Daily Mail                                                                                                  ABC

Letter written by  Jason Alexander Downie in apology to families of murder victims during court trial.