Episode 18 – Beaumont Children

This case of the Beaumont Children is often called the case that took the innocence of Australia and remains one of Australia’s most infamous cold cases.

Jane, 9, Arnna 7 and 4-year-old Grant waved goodbye to their mother on Australia Day 1966 as they journeyed to the local beach and never returned home again.

In this episode we discuss the day of their disappearance, the investigation and the suspects of the case.

For over 5 decades this mystery has cast a dark shadow over Australia.



Jane, 9, Arna,7 and Grant4



Jim and Nancy Beaumont                                                       Nancy and Jim Searching

The News

The sketch of the suspect seen with the Children on the day they went missing

Adelaide businessman, Harry Phipps linked to the disappearance of the Beaumont children in 1966.


The dig for the bodies 2018

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