Episode 21 – ***BONUS EPISODE***- West Memphis 3


This Bonus Episode is a case that occurred in America and has tweaked my interest for many years and so would like to share with our listeners.

On May 5th, 1993 three 8-year-old boys were murdered, hog tied and dumped in a body of water in West Memphis, in an area called Robin Hood Hills.

Three teenagers were convicted of their murders, but their convictions had, and continue to divide many of their guilt.

Christopher Byers, Stevie Branch and Michael Moore should never be forgotten, but did the legal system honor these three 8-year-old boys?  Was justice served?

Victims: Michael Moore, Stevie Branch & Christopher Byers



Crime Scene where the boys bodies were found                         Overview of crime scene


Bike recovered from Bayou on Pipe Bridge                                  View of Pipe Bridge

Convicted teenagers: Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley & Jason Baldwin

Jessie, Damien and Jason after leaving prison



Stevie Branch’s Parents                             Christopher Byers Parents

Michael Moore’s Parents