Episode 24 – Susan Neill Fraser

In this episode we will discuss the disappearance and presumed murder of Bob Chappell in which he went missing on Australia Day, 26th of January 2006 from his luxury Yacht the Four Winds that was moored in Sandy Bay, Hobart, Tasmania.

His partner of 20 years, Susan Neill-Fraser was arrested and convicted of his murder and is at this time serving a 23-year sentence in Risdon Women’s prison in Hobart, Tasmania.

Please listen to the end to get the update to this case.


Sue and Bob                                                                                           Bob on the Yacht

ABC                                                                                                           The Mercury


Sue, taken lunch time of Australia Day                                         Sue and family on day after


The Four Winds                                                                                   The Yacht sinking – police on board

Tasmanian Times


Map of the crime scene                                                                  The Four Winds Dinghy


Evidence of cut hose                                                                       The red jacket found