Episode 25 – Richard Dorrough

In this episode we will question if this case is indeed a true serial killer case.

So many twists and turns and yet unanswered questions for the families of victims. For this perpetrator took his own life leaving little clues in to whom his victims where. He went unpunished for at least two of his murders although was the prime suspect for both women’s deaths.

If his confession he wrote before his death is truthful, then there is at least one more victim that police are still trying to investigate and find.

And if his confession is indeed truthful, then Richard Dorrough joins the infamous listing as one of Australia’s many serial killers.


Richard Dorrough                                                    Crime Stoppers map showing when and where Dorrough has been.

  Victim 1: Sarah Lee Davey                          


Victim 2: Rachael Campbell

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2 thoughts on “Episode 25 – Richard Dorrough

  1. Bo says:

    I recently saw the events of the Richard Dorrough’s suspected murders played out on an episode of “Inside the Mind of A Serial Killer” on Netflix here in the US. As the details of his suicide note were revealed, with him claiming to have killed three times, I kept waiting for someone to suggest what seemed like such an obvious conclusion; that his taking his own life was his third murder. I am nobody with any training but it just seemed like, “Well, duh! His would be the third death at his own hand.” He expected the letter to be read after he had carried out his suicide and, as a person of faith, suicide is the murder of self, so… I don’t know. Has this possibility been considered?

    • bronnie says:

      Thank you for your comment. I can honestly say I did not consider the twist to the story as you have mentioned. It could certainly be a possibility considering his new faith. Again, thank you for your insight to this case.

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