Episode 26 – ***BONUS EPISODE*** – Daniel Bartlam


In this bonus episode we travel to England where we delve into the murder of a mother at the hands of her own son.

This is not just a crime of anger, nor of greed, for this young boy planned this murder for a long time after watching a few episodes of the British soap opera, Coronation Street in which there was a story line of a man that murders someone with a hammer, and to cover up the crime they burn down the building in which the murder occurred. For this, the crime is often referred to as the Coronation Street Killer.



Daniel Bartlam                                                                Jackie Bartlam


Crime scene, house on fire                                                         The house the next morning of the murder


Crime scene: the bed in which the fire was started               Daniel at time of arrest and the hammer used in the murder

Simon, Jackie’s partner at the time of her death.