Episode 28 – Glenys Heyward

Today’s case is in South Australia, not far from the Victorian Border in the town of Mount Gambier.

A loving mother is lured to her death by her own son, tortured and killed by her partner, and her body dumped with the help of another of her son’s.

This woman’s life, up to the moment she was killed, was filled with violence, greed and control from her partner, and when she finally said enough was enough she was brutally murdered.

This is the tragic case of the murder of Glenys Heyward by her partner Neil Heyward and her son’s Matthew and Thomas.



Glenys Heyward                                                                                Glenys and Neil Heyward



Matthew Heyward                                               Thomas Heyward



Police search for body on farm                                           Forensic search at crime scene



Wheelie Bin used to transport body                                   Crowbar found in grave next to body