Episode 5 – Wanda Beach Murders

In this podcast we will discuss one of the oldest unsolved murders in Australia, commonly known only as the Wanda Beach Murders. Were we will talk about the disappearance and murders of 15-year-old girls, Marianne Schmidt and Christine Sharrock.  We will delve into the life and death of Christopher Wilder who is still to this day the prime suspect for the girl’s murder.  He went on to become a serial killer in the USA and was known as the beauty queen killer and, if he were arrested for the murders at Wanda Beach back in 1965, ten other women could have been saved from being brutally murdered, that we know of.

 Murdered girls Marianne Schmidt and Christine Sharrock


 Bodies found in the sand dunes at Wanda Beach


 Christopher Wilder,

The Beauty Queen Killer and suspect for the Wanda Beach Murders