Episode 6 – Katherine Knight

Katherine Knight became the first Australian woman to be jailed for life without the possibility of parole. She was a violent woman, especially with her partners.  We hear of domestic abuse against women, but this case, the domestic violence is towards her male partners.

The case was so violent and disturbing that photos of the crime scene have been locked away and never to be seen by the public.  Even the media did not completely report on the disturbing details of this case.  Knight viciously stabbed to death her partner John Price, then skinned and dismantled his body and cook the body parts in which she planned to feed to his children.

It is at this stage that we must warn listeners that the content of this podcast is extremely disturbing.



Katherine Knight


John Price



John and Katherine

The Advertiser

John Price’s home where crime occurred

Photo: Darren Paterman


Crime Scene – Front hall