Episode 8 – Allison Baden Clay – Part 2

This episode is the second half of the case of Allison Baden Clay.  We spoke in the first half of how Allison and Gerard met, and we investigated the messy tangled lies that led to Allison’s murder and how her body was discovered dumped under a bridge 14 kms away from her home. 10 days after her husband Gerard reported her missing.

Now we will discuss the investigation of Allison’s murder and the arrest and trial of Gerard.

Again, there are twists and turns.

Scene of where Allison’s body was discovered.

Brisbane Times

Retrieval of Allison’s Body at Kholo Creek


Scratches on Gerard’s face.

Brisbane Times

Toni McHugh – Gerards Lover


Allison’s Parents – Geoffrey and Priscilla Dickie

Courier Mail

Gerard’s parents – Nigel and Elaine Baden Clay

Daily Mail

A more recent picture of The Dickie’s and Allison’s 2 eldest girls, Sarah and Hannah

Gladstone Observer