Episode 9 – Karlie & Khandalyce Pearce-Stevenson Murders

In this episode we will discuss the case of the Karlie and Khandalyce Pearce-Stevenson murders, and the arrest and conviction of their killer, Daniel Holdom.

The 20-year-old mother and her 2 year old daughter were murdered days apart, and their bodies were discovered 5 years apart, and over 1,000 kms away from each other.

Khandalyce was discovered in a suitcase on the side of the road in South Australia and her mother in the Belango State Forest in New South Wales.

Karlie and Khandalyce.


Daniel Holdom


Suitcase and clothing found with Khandalyce’s Body


The quilt, found with Khandalyce’s remains and helped to identify her.


Belango State Forest, where the remains of Karlie were found.